Portsmouth Tattoo Fest is pleased to confirm it’s world class artists for 2020!

To arrange an appointment with your selected Tattoo Artist at this years convention please contact them directly. Artists will also be doing walk up’s at the convention.

Clicking an artist image will take you directly to their Instagram.

Amy Coleby - Immortal Ink

Joe Scop - Clarence Street Tattoo

Gre Harp - Southsea Tattoo Co

Tim Childs - Southsea Tattoo Co

Steve Hunter - Blood Eagle Tattoos

Victor Dimitrov - KnowHow Tattoo

Aaron Willett - King Ship Tattoo

Dickie Williams - Casa Diablo Tattoo

Chris Lewis - Lewis Point Tattoo

Patryk Mazur - Surrealistic Sanctuary

Emma Grech - Lady Luck Tattoo

Jay Blaudums - Urge4ink

Binked - Lily's Ink

Sonia Clarke - Obsession Tattoo Studio

Mason Stoner - Poison Ink Tattoo's

James West - The Ink Factory

Daniel Thorne - The Ink Factory

Dave Valentine - NR Studios

Nicole Burman - Blood Eagle Tattoos

Bunny Tattoo - Forever & Ever Tattoo

Tek - Clarence Street Tattoo

Adrian Willard - Casa Diablo Tattoo

Scott Hansler - Kingston Ink

Mike Bays - Studio 6

Justin Winslade - Unique Tattoos

Joe Maxim - King Street Tattoo

Rich Laban - Carnival Tattoo

Sean Hedger - Needle and Fred

Sikes - King Ship Tattoo

Oliver Sims - Southsea Tattoo CO

Bronson Hannen - Forever & Ever

Martha Leblique-Blood Eagle Tattoo

Joel Morley - Urge4ink

Aimee Luckham - The Electric Lady

Roberto Cardoso

Ryan Lucas - Cosmic Tattoo

Connor Dann - Poison Ink Tattoo's

Lucy Scovell - King's Ship Tattoo

James Allen - Straight To The Point

John Powell - Straight To The Point

Oliver Boots - Surrealistic Sanctuary

Robbie Rust - Blood Eagle Tattoos

Fran Perry - False Flag Tattoo

Kieran Lowe - Clarence Street Tattoo

Pinto Nelson - 2Skrib Tattoo

Amber Elliot - Southsea Tattoo Co

Ashley Harris - Unique Tattoos

Alex Von Harten-Blood Eagle Tattoo

Kirk Gregory - Blood Eagle Tattoos

John Parker - Southsea Tattoo Co

Alexandru Nedelcu-Andreiu - Inkslingers

Jherelle Jay - Clarence Street Tattoo

Rebekka Rekkless - Gentleman Dave

Will Butcher - False Flag Tattoo

Urban Vigilante - Forever & Ever

Chris 'Tat Shack' Williams

Andy Chown - The Electric Lady

Gavin Clarke - Obsession Tattoo Studio

Lacey Vassallo - King Ship Tattoos

John Treharne - Skin Creation

Heidi Smith - Carnival Tattoo

Fran Bradshaw - Lady Luck Tattoo

Ryan Loveridge - Nuke Ink

Monika Monny Koch - Surrealistic Santuary

Diddy Martin - Forever & Ever Tattoo

Matt Cousins - False Flag Tattoo

Nipha Willard - Casa Diablo Tattoo (Handpoked Tattoos)

Peter Farrell - Kingston Ink

Martin Binczewski - Avon Tattoo